EDAC Auto Dialers


Alarm conditions left unattended can have serious consequences such as damaged goods orequipment, loss of customer service, income and time. The EDAC autodialler range can ensure that events and conditions are detected. The people who need to respond are informed quickly and accurately


An EDAC Autodialler is an electronic device that can automatically dial numbers to communicate via telephone, cell phone or pager networks. Once the call has been established, the autodialler will announce verbal messages.


The EDAC dialler comes in several models ranging from 2 trigger inputs and 2 controlled outputs to 10 inputs and 10 outputs. When an alarm is trigged the EDAC dialler will automatically notify you of a change in state.


User Manuals EDAC222  |  EDAC400  |   EDAC400-24  |   EDAC700  |  EDAC700DE | BROCHURE